Medisana TargetScale

When you watch sci-fi movies, you know for sure that future technology offers so much more than what current technology is able to achieve. We have hovering skateboards from Back to the Future, walking, talking and autonomous droids that are capable of replacing cheap human labor, the ability to travel through different galaxies thanks to the wonders of hyperspace and wormholes, and many more. I suppose if we could catch a glimpse of the future right now in your very own home, it ought to be enough – and the £129.99 Medisana TargetScale is an example to follow.
One look at it, and some might even think that this is some sort of next generation vacuum cleaner, instead of it being a bathroom scale. You will not find broken springs, stiff dials, inaccurate readings and a squeaky mechanism with the Medisana TargetScale though. It features Bluetooth connectivity alongside the ability to figure out your weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat and water, plus muscle and bone mass for up to four users. It can see action with the free VitaDock app for you to set goals and monitor weight changes wherever you are.