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Media player thinks it’s a 12MP camera

12 MP Camera/PMP

This is off the hook. PMP Today has a story about a personal media player (PMP) which incorporates a 12 megapixel camera into it’s design. Made Chinese conglom Newman-Hyun , the L1200 PMP has an 8X digital zoom (I guess it was too much to ask for an optical solution) and a “lens” that rotates up to 180 degrees. It has shutter speeds ranging from 1 / 10 to 1 / 2000 second and has presets for “ leaflets,” and multiple sequential shooting. But what is really cool is that according to the translation of the Chinese site, the L1200 can also connect to a TV and actually record directly to the unit.

The media player supports MPEG4 AVI at 24frames per second – which means video playback will need to be re encoded to enjoy.
There’s also an MP3 audio player and photo viewer in JPEG support. Sadly though, the 3 inch TFT LCD screen high-definition resolution only goes to 320 x 240 with a paltry 260K. But at least it has USB 2.0 connectivity with an SD/MMC card slot for additional storage. What more can they toss into this bad boy at a price point of about $132 US?

A PMP with a 12 MP camera that has TIVO like qualities, hell, I’d buy one.