Media Chair offers surround sound

If you’re all about being immersed in you music, this chair is definitely the way to pull that off.  With the speakers right up around your head, and the cozy look of the chair, you’ll be able to get lost for hours.  I just wish it were a swivel chair, then it’d have that command center type appeal.  Although, you could get that super villain kind of look if you picked up the black version of the chair.

The chair is made out of hard plastic and then the seat has soft foam covered in leather or the fabric of your choosing.  Your iPod is seamlessly integrated into the arm of the chair itself.  The headrest has a 3-way speaker that gives you that nice surround sound we all know and love.  They’ve also put a compact projector into the left side of the chair’s headrest.  As of now this is just a design by Martin Emilia, so you won’t get to purchase one as of now.

Source: CraziestGadgets