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Mechanical Kitty Coin Bank

Want to teach your little ones a thing or two about saving up money? Well, that is possible with the Mechanical Kitty Coin Bank from ThinkGeek. Not only does this $29.99 purchase comes in an appealling candour to kids, it also plays on humans’ weakness of not being able to turn down a kitten when they see one, never mind that this is a mechanical model. Hiding inside a Japanese box, all you need to do is place a coin on the food bowl that is located on top of the box and the kitten will then pop out covertly, snatch the coin like a greedy dragon, return into its enclosure and give a heart breaking meow to carve a smile on your face. You might then be persuaded to put in another coin! We would say you will have to hold around 10 BBQs before your friends donate enough for you to make back the $29.99 asking price for this.