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This Meat Vacuum Marinator will make complex meals a breeze to prepare


If you’re a foodie, and understand what that means, then you are most likely forever-hunting new ways to bring your flavor experiences up a level. Whether the menu involves meat or veggies, a nice marinade can make all the difference. The only problem is that it takes forever to get the marinade to do its job. Not everyone has the luxury of prepping a meal 24-hours in advance.

If you love marinating everything under the sun, then you’re going to love this Vacuum Marinator. This uses a combination of tumbling your food as well as vacuum sealing it so that your marinade will have no choice but to join forces with your dish of the day. This has a compact system so that the vacuum tubing is out of sight and out of mind. For easy cleanup, all you need to do is disconnect the tubing and wash out the drum.

The digital control panel has a built-in timer and an automatic shut-off function to make life easier for you. You’ll want to research the processing times for whatever you’re marinating, though no matter whether you’ve got fish or steak in there it should only take around 15-30 minutes tops. This purchase will cost you around $90, and comes with a meat tenderizer. Try not to get your wits scared out of you when the air compressor goes off.

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