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Measure home projects accurately with Measure-It! Adhesive Tape


There is nothing more frustrating than measuring, re-measuring, and hanging something in your home only to later realize you were half an inch off. Any hole you make incorrectly has to be patched and sanded to make the wall look whole again. Using a laser level would be the best fix for this situation, but if you don’t often find yourself doing handywork around the house, then you likely don’t want to invest too much money into a device you’ll hardly use.

If you only ever do smaller projects that require minimal but precise measurements, then you might like the Measure-It! Adhesive Measuring Tape. This is a low-tack tape that will allow you to do all of your home decorating, renovation, and craft projects without much worry about having to remeasure over and over again. It would help greatly with hanging blinds or pictures, paintings, tasks such as carpentry, fabric measurements, and much, much more.

When you’re doing projects on your own, this would also be far easier than having to use a measuring tape which can only go so far before it droops to the floor. This has 12” repeating shaded measurements, and 16” center markings to indicate the positioning of studs. This is available in 32′ and 48′ rolls, and will cost you anywhere from $4-5. Thanks to the low-tack backing, this is easy to re-position or re-use. The only issue you may come across is that you’ll still need a level to make sure you don’t nail anything in at a slant.

Available for purchase on Amazon, found via OhGizmo

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