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ME2: Handheld Video Game that Encourages Kids to Exercise

Anyone want to get in shape while playing video games? I’m not talking about the Wii, but the ME2. The ME2 is a lot like Wii Fit, as it rewards physical action with points. I suppose the big difference between the two systems is that the ME2 is a handheld portable.

Another difference is that the ME2 requires physical activity before you play on the ME2 handheld or the affiliated website. There is a built-in pedometer on the handheld that you need to develop points by walking, running, or jogging. The more you travel, the more points you will accrue.

Yeah, you could shake the ME2 rigorously and cheat to get more points, but you would definitely be the Biggest Loser. (I know there is an NBC show where being the Biggest Loser is a positive thing, but not in this case.)

Once you have your points, connect the ME2 to the PC with a USB cable. Points will be uploaded to the ME2 site, and you can play in a 3D interactive world, even download new titles to the handheld.

I’m not certain kids would be interested in this. They might be able to see through their parents’ ploy to make them get out and exercise more. Maybe kids will use that shaking method that I parenthetically mentioned earlier.

The best part about the ME2 is the price. There has been a recent fifty percent price cut on eToys from $34.99 to $17.50. It’s affordable, and encourages kids to be physically fit.


10 thoughts on “ME2: Handheld Video Game that Encourages Kids to Exercise”

  1. I got mine at the $dollar$ store for just one buck but what the former poster stated cannot update game which sux, but it was just a buck. It’s still annoying

  2. We got one of these today for $6.20 not too bad, but the website that they supply doesn’t exist and we are having trouble finding a site where it does work .. can anyone help?? Would be much appreciated!!

  3. Someone got one of these for our son for Christmas, and I’m trying to set it up, and the website isn’t working for us.. 🙁 Anyone know anything?

  4. its okay.I got one today from a garge sale for 10 cents and well its a bit annoying since u cant turn the sound down and theyres not much to do for me since thr pedometer is broken.It will only count steps if you shake it vigourously

  5. I bought one of these for both my son and daughter. I also got them in a sale bin for $15 each. I think its worth would be about what Chris paid at a garage sale= 10 cents. The games, both downloadable (but we weren’t able to run them on the handheld) and on the pc (actually online, not download), were graphics and sound poor. They were unimaginative environments without creative upgrades. If your kids are gamers at all, they will just be frustrated. My kids were 6 and 9 at the time and were only pc gamers, not big gamers (no wii, etc) and even they were disappointed.

  6. There is a rush to put out these little portable game gadgets,buyer beware.Some are pretty good,graphics and gameplay but more and more are just being rushed on to the shelves of stores without good quality control.Made in China 🙂

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