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Maxi Gel Manicure Kit targets DIY lovers

maxi-gel-manicure-kitWe saw the Mini On-The-Go Manicure Kit less than a week ago, and this does not mean that it is the only manicure kit of its kind in the market. For those who would want something that is, say, a less than violent connotation to it, then the £49.99 Maxi Gel Manicure Kit would certainly be a worthy addition to your collection of beauty products.

The Maxi Gel Manicure Kit happens to contain just about everything that you would need for professional gel look nails, and it has the ability to transform any nail polish into long lasting gel manicure. All that it takes would be 60 seconds of your time in order to gel those carefully manicured nails, and it would also mean bidding adieu to the nail bar. Of course, if you happen to have mates over at the nail bar, then it would be more of a social experience than anything else, but if you like being alone, the Maxi Gel Manicure Kit – er, nails it (pardon the pun) on the head. With this, you can more than double the life of your nail polish, and there is no damaging filing or buffing while making your nail polish chip resistant.