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Maxell’s New Products include M&M’s

I remember a time when Maxell made some of the finest VHS tapes on the market. Maxell has obviously needed to make changes in order to stay in business. Maxell is now making many other products including iPod accessories, including three different types of headphones.

The first are the M&M’s headphones that have the image of the popular candy on each ear. These will be available in five colors including red, pink, blue, orange, and white. To celebrate this product’s release, four guys in giant M&M cosutmes hung around the Maxell booth at CES. It was a nice touch.

The second is the Action Sports Headphones, which is everything that the name implies. These are headphones designed for the extreme or even non-extreme sports person. They are designed to withstand a lot of sweat, and can filter out unwanted sound.

The third is the Kid’s Safe Headphones and Ear Clips. These are designed with the little ones in mind, with a limited volume control so children will not play their tunes too loud. They also come in bright colors that we believe the children will appreciate. (I guess kids like bright colors, right?)

All three of these headphones will be available soon. The M&M Stereo Ear buds will be available for $9.99, the Action Sports headphones will range from $19.99-24.99, and the Kids Safe Ear Clips will be for about $12.99.

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  1. I have a ? i found a pair of the [email protected] earbuds on the ground and grabbed them wasnt going to use them but i did and they were the best earbuds i have ever had they recently broke and i ordered a new pair and i have to say they sound like crap what happened did you change them i took the back [email protected] cover off and the insides are not the same as my blue ones as well as the to bands on the input there white and my outhers are black

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