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Maverick Portable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speaker

Maverick Portable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakerSpeakers these days do far more than just pump out tunes of your choice while looking good. The presence of Amazon Alexa voice control adds a whole new dimension to things. Cavalier Audio knows that, which is why they have come up with the Maverick Portable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speaker that boasts of Amazon Alexa voice control, delivering a refined degree of craftsmanship accompanied by immersive sound to the listener’s home using authentic materials married to impeccable style as well as the latest developments in modern audio technology.

The Maverick speaker will bring with it world-class acoustics thanks to a 20W stereo speaker system that boasts of not one, but a pair of active drivers as well as dual passive radiators which result in a true room-filling experience. The speaker itself is fully portable courtesy of built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, so that listeners can enjoy their music regardless of where they are, even without a Bluetooth transmitter. Not only that, the Maverick will enable users take the hands-free route thanks to built-in Amazon Alexa voice control technology, where it supports Wi-Fi streaming that is compatible with platforms including Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio and Amazon Prime Music services.

For those who would like to transform their homes into a sound stage that has multi-room audio support, this is easily achievable through the linking of several Mavericks simultaneously, resulting in a sound that makes one feel as though one is in a studio. Listeners are able to set up a Cavalier speaker in other rooms, or opt for a right/left configuration in a single room in order to enjoy an immersive stereo sound experience. Unfortunately it’s not waterproof, so we don’t recommend using it as a shower speaker.

It is made up of genuine wood with natural oil finish on the outside, accompanied by custom-knit fabrics, perfectly distressed leathers and machined edged metals in order to fit into virtually any living room or space without looking out of place. Expect the Maverick Portable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speaker with Amazon Alexa voice control isto retail for $299 apiece, where one can choose from either black or indigo shades.

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