Maverick Lifestyle announces Nica Sunrise Bluetooth headset

Looking for a new Bluetooth headset in the market? Maverick Lifestyle might have just the thing for you – the Nica Sunrise Bluetooth headset which can be purchased from and select Apple Stores and Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores. It will rely on Nica’s original trendsetting technology as the base, where this revolutionary hands-free solution will introduce a new era of comfort, style and convenience to cell phone owners. Nice to know a Bluetooth headset isn’t a wheel, which is why it has been reinvented to feature a light-weight, open-air and clean circular design which can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time. This level of advanced comfort will certainly make this as one of the most user friendly headset design on the market.

Hopefully the Nica Sunrise will bring a new dawn (pun not intended) to the world of Bluetooth headsets that have long been labeled as geeky-looking and uncomfortable, no thanks to ear inserts as well as overall poor design. In fact, research has shown that less than 1 in 20 cell phone users use a Bluetooth headset, and the introduction of the Nica Sunriseaims to change that – considering it doesn’t look and feel like a conventional Bluetooth headset, you are able to wear it for long periods of time without suffering from Bluetooth fatigue while feeling confident about how you look to the general public.

With the Nica Sunrise, it boasts open-air acoustics that enables the headset to be worn comfortably for longer periods since there is no ear insert pressing on the ear canal. The open-air approach will also see a larger speaker than those found on all other headsets, which means you get to enjoy full audio on-the-go. Ergonomically designed separate left and right flexible ear clips and a soft flexible molded rubber pad will further enhance your comfort level, and with its thin design, you can cause the headset to lie flat in a pocket or fit into a small purse in a jiffy.

The Nica Sunrise can be purchased from Amazon for less than the MSRP of $79.95, depending on the color of your choice. Go ahead, take your pick without worrying about the fashion police chasing you down.

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