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Mature Your Own Gin Kit appeals to the rebel in you

diy-ginThere is nothing wrong in having a slight tipple at the end of a particularly stressful week at the office, or even at home, as it might help to calm down your soul and soothe those jangled nerves of yours. However, purchasing alcoholic drinks does add up over time where your bank account is concerned, so why not save some money with the £99.99 Mature Your Own Gin Kit? After all, at least you know what goes into your drink for sure.

The Mature Your Own Gin Kit comes with just about everything one requires to make your own cask-aged gin. It will be accompanied by a pair of 50cl bottles of gin and a 1L freshly toasted oak barrel, making it ready to drink straight out the barrel. Those who give it a go would realize that this is far from being a complicated process, where all that you need to do is to pour said gin into the barrel using the slinky stainless steel funnel provided, leave it alone for a few days or even weeks, and let time do its dance before you get high on your own effort. The barrel is good for about three uses, so do take note of that.