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Mattel’s Loopz is Simon without the big buttons

Some of you might remember Simon, a pattern recognition and repetition from the early 80’s. As I recall, playing it was not simple.

Loopz is a modern day update of this technology, except instead of the big buttons that you have to hit when they glow, you get the modern-day application of lasers.

You can watch the video of it in action, and it is quite over-dramatized. However, it gives you an idea of what it is like.

It reminds me of the Beamz Interactive. I reported on this a few months ago, and it was a way of playing an instrument by passing your hand through laser beams. The Beamz Interactive has six places to cross your hand, and Loopz has about four. I would imagine that you could probably make some sweet music on the Loopz if you tried, though.

I remember making some tunes on Simon, and I never realized how much Simon paved the way for games like Guitar Hero and RockBand. Now we are in the age of Loopz, and this modern version of Simon can actually keep track of performance and remember the best times and scores.

You can pre-order it from Entertainment Earth now for a price of about $37.99.