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Any Material UV Cold Welder.gets the job done brilliantly

any-material-cold-uv-welderNormally, we would think of welding being a task that requires steady hands, and that there will be plenty of heat involved in the matter as well. However, things take a paradigm shift with the $34.95 Any Material UV Cold Welder, where this heat-free welding tool will make use of a patented liquid polymer which can react with UV light in order to have it form a bond in a matter of just four seconds, now how about that?

This makes the Any Material UV Cold Welder perfect for just about any material, as its name indicates, and it will include the likes of metals, wood, glass, plastics, and ceramics, where the pocket-sized pen tool comes with a 4-oz. replaceable liquid plastic cartridge which will open up to reveal a needle-sized applicator. There is a non-conductive liquid material that forms a durable, waterproof coating, which makes it perfect for insulating a frayed low-voltage wire (such as a laptop’s power cord), to repair a broken eyeglasses frame joint, plugging leaky pipes, or a host of other applications. The material will cure whenever it is exposed to the built-in UV light, and the plastic remains liquid until exposed to UV light rather than being exposed to air.