Matchbook Media Player


Epoq have crafted a gorgeous little device: just a bit larger than a regular matchbook, the player sports a 2,4″ QVGA LCD, expandable memory (1 or 2 GB onboard and MiniSD card slot) and a processor fast enough to play unconverted AVIs at 25 frames per second.

It’s great how Epoq have managed to squeeze a better feature set than the run-of-the-mill MP3/MP4 players out there in a package that’s only 6,66x50x11 mm small. Believe it or not, it even has an integrated speaker!

What it sports:

  • 1 or 2 GB internal flash memory + MiniSD card slot
  • Anti-scratch 320×240 LCD
  • RockChip Processor – allows playing back unconverted AVI videos at 25 fps
  • Built-in speaker (for some good old low-fi annoyance)
  • FM radio with 40 presets
  • Sound/voice recorder
  • Image viewer and e-book reader that work in parallel with music playback
  • Supported formats: mp1,mp2,mp3,wma,avi,jpg,bmp and txt

The integrate lithium battery can be charged via USB or via an included AC charger in 3-4 hours, and will last for 3 hours of video or 8 of music. All this features are packed in a 66.6×50.3×11 mm-sized casing, available in ‘Gorgeous White Acrylic’ and ‘Chrome’.
It’s available at for $99,95 (1GB) or $139,95(2GB)