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The Matador is a compact blanket for spontaneous picnic emergencies


The sun is bright, the weather is lovely, and you have an urge to speculate what clouds look like with some friends while hiking. However, you don’t want to lay your head on the bare ground, as you don’t know what sort of creepy crawlies could meander their way onto your scalp. While planning a full-on picnic is nice, having a blanket to veg out on while on the go is even better.

The Matador is a super thin, ultra-compact blanket that is puncture and water proof. This means it can keep you safe from lighter aspects of Mother Nature. It even has weighted corners so that a random gust of wind can’t toss the fabric into your face. This is made of a HyperLyte Nylon, which is so thin that it can take fabric large enough to provide space for three people to sit comfortably and fold down small enough to the size of your wallet.

The main problem with compacted fabric is that there is often very little instruction on how to appropriately stuff it back into the shape you got it in. The Matador thankfully has stitching on the optimal fold lines so that you have a literal pattern to follow to make it tiny once more. Getting a full-size Matador which seats 3 or 2 people laying down will cost you $25, and the smaller version which allows 2 to sit cozy or just 1 to lay is $20. It would be rather useful for random picnics or cloud-watching, but that would be under the premise that you keep this in your pocket at all times when going for a hike.

Available for purchase on matadorup, found via OhGizmo