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The Masterpan lets you cook many items simultaneously

masterpanWe live in a time when we more often than not, do not happen to have enough time to get things done, which is why there is such a flooding of convergence devices in the market. Cooking itself takes plenty of time, leading us to tip our hats off to the mothers of yesteryears who not only had to handle a sizable brood of their own, they also had to do all of the house chores according to traditional methods, as well as cook up three square meals a day with a rotational menu. Just how did they manage? Certainly, they did not have the assistance of the £59.99 Masterpan.

The Masterpan is said to be the only pan that one will ever need, as this multi-sectioned pan enables one to fry or cook five foods – simultaneously, yo! There is a hot central area for meat and fish, while the outer regions are for vegetables and eggs – stuff that tend to get cooked far quicker with less heat. Made from tough die-cast aluminium with a non-stick coating, it allows one to enjoy the ultimate fry up, and at the same time, to spend less time washing up. It does not matter if you are going to use gas, electric or an induction hub, the Masterpan will work just fine. This is certainly not your momma’s frying pan!