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The MasterLock Bluetooth Smart Padlock teaches an old dog a new trick

Smart Padlock MasterLock

If you had a locker in high school, you’ve dealt with combination or key locks. Some are sturdier than others as you come to learn over time, and you bring that knowledge with you into the adult world. There aren’t a numerous amount of times we’re going to need padlocks as adults, but in the places we do put them, it’s pretty important that they’re sturdy.

While you really can’t stop anyone if they really want to get into a place as bolt cutters do exist, a lock will deter most petty theft. MasterLock has been around for a long ole time, and they’re changing to fit the modern world. This Smart Padlock will negate the need for keys, remembering a combination of numbers, and will confound any robber who thinks there might be a lock to pick.

When using this device, your phone will act as your key, as you only need to have your mobile device on you and touch the lock for it to open. There is the option of a directional code as well, but hopefully you shouldn’t need to resort to that. You’ll be able to grant access to family and friends from afar by adding their number to a list in the corresponding app. The app will also warn you of any tampering that takes place. The battery in this device should last you 2 years in Touch Unlock Mode and 4 months in Swipe Unlock Mode. The 4401 series would be able to last 2 or 5 years respectively, and should the battery die an external battery can be used. There are indoor and outdoor ones that will cost $49.99 and $59.99 for those looking for a new way to lock things up.

Available for purchase on MasterLock