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Massaging Back Wedge Pillow will provide some much needed relief

massaging-back-wedge-pillowNot everyone is able to afford one of those expensive beds and mattresses in order to obtain a good night’s rest, even if you are a princess (otherwise, how else can she feel the pea under all of those layers?). Some of us might happen to work in highly stressful environments, and coming back home, our bodies will react to all of that stress with aches and pains all over the place. Perhaps it might be prudent to look into our sleeping set up, and the $79.95 Massaging Back Wedge Pillow would certainly come in handy, don’t you think so? This is not the first massaging pillow that we have come across, and it definitely will not be the last.

This happens to be a versatile wedge pillow that will sport an integrated vibrating massager which is able to relax all of those sore muscles in your body. Sporting an ergonomic shape that will cradle the spine, the triangular wedge would create a gentle incline in order to facilitate sleep for those who have breathing or digestive problems. Apart from that, it can also be flipped to provide a firm backrest as one sits upright in bed to read or watch TV. Boasting of an integrated cordless vibration massager that can be controlled by a switch on the side, this means there is no longer a need to place it near a wall outlet. The hypoallergenic wedge will come filled with dense, medical-grade foam and encased in soft fleece, and the Massaging Back Wedge Pillow is powered by a quartet of AA batteries.

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