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The Massage Neck Pillow eases the stress of traveling

Massage Travel Neck Pillow

When you’re on the go so much that you’re barely in your hotel room long enough to sleep, you end up snoozing on transit getting to your next destination. It’s not something you want to do, but if you need to be alert and look like you aren’t half-alive, it’s a necessity. While you can’t control where you end up whether it’s a train, plane, or automobile, you can at least have some means of making the experience slightly more comfortable.

The u-shaped neck pillow we’ve all become acquainted with does help make sleeping easier, but could use some upgrades. There are plenty of new-fangled versions out there that will be a little nicer to your neck, but the Massage Travel Neck Pillow added vibration massage to the tried and true shape we know and love. This is a velvet plush fleece pillow with microbead cushioning that has 6 different modes of vibration massage to help with circulation and work out some tension.

You’ll be able to do a 20-minute session before it turns itself off automatically. You can use this however is most comfortable to you, and there’s an elastic strap that will make it easy to mount on a car seat headrest as well. You’ll need two AA batteries to get this to work, and you can get it in a rounded or square shape for $16.99. Thanks to this being a travel set, it also comes with an eye mask and ear plugs.

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