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Marshall Major and Minor FX Headphones

I received something in my Inbox this morning about Marshall’s FX headphones, and I thought they were definitely worth reporting on. Yes, the Marshall has a legacy that is bigger than “We Are Marshall”, and I would like to report on the Marshall Major FX and Minor FX.
The Major FX are the cushioned headphones that you can see in this picture, and they can “rest lightly upon your ears”. The Major FX are completely collapsible, and the earcups fold up into the headphones and the cord gets wrapped around that. There is a 6.3 mm adapter for use with the amplifier, stereo, or anything with the 6.3mm dock.
As for the Minor FX, it is the in-ear model for the company. The fabric cord of the Minor has a microphone and remote for use with an iDevice, and it is also tangle resistant. I believe that the Major FX has a microphone and remote as well.
You should be able to find out the specs on the Major FX and Minor FX headphones from the official Marshall web site. The Major FX is about $140.00, while the Minor FX costs about $80.00, both with a one year premium replacement warranty. It is also available on the Apple store as well.