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Marshall Headphones Pitch Black hits the market

Headphones are an extremely personal piece of gaming equipment, so each brand has their very own loyal following, and the same can also be said of the Marshall Headphones Pitch Black that have just been introduced to the mass market. I know that Jim Marshall has recently passed on, and the Marshall Headphones Pitch Black, on paper, does not seem to sully his legendary name, but rather enhances it further. You can more or less say that the Pitch Black is the dark horse of Marshall Headphones. It is completely devoid of color, as the Pitch Black lives up to its namesake by being painted fully in black. Not only that, the Major Pitch Black will also come with a roadworthy denim headband that has been inspired by the uniform of choice for those who travel a whole lot on the road. There are two models available for you to choose from – the Major and the Minor. We shall take a closer look at both, where the Major is said to embody vast amounts of the massive Marshall Legacy. It is no doubt a solid workhorse right from the get go, boasting great stamina, and has been specially designed to cater to folks who love listening to their music non-stop all day long. The Major will ship with a microphone as well as a remote so that you can use it in tandem with your smartphone. As for the Minor, this will be an advanced in-ear model that is no less a workhorse. It looks good from the outside, and comes with the EarClick patent which will ensure the earphone is secured in your ear. I am quite sure that there will be exceptions to the rule here, as that is how the universe works. You can pick up the Major Pitch Black for $120 a pop, while the Minor Pitch Black is a whole lot more affordable at $65. Press Release]]>