Marshall Fridge

marshall-fridgeI am quite sure that any musician worth his or her salt would have had heard of the brand name Marshall before, and most of the time, you would be familiar with it in music videos as well as commercials. The Marshall amp can be said to be a mainstay in the musical industry, but for those who have a great love for all things music, and yet want to decorate their home in a tasteful manner, there is the £399.00 Marshall Fridge which will be a surefire conversation starter, no two ways about it.

I guess to call it the “coolest amplifier in the world” would not be stretching the truth at all. Just in case someone comes up to you and compliment you on this bad boy, touting that it looks so real, it is rather difficult to tell the difference from the real thing until you open it, just nod knowingly, as the Marshall Fridge itself is made out from authentic Marshall amp parts. Yes sir, the next time you throw an awesome party, make it even greater with the Marshall Fridge, where all the dials go up to 11 – and I ain’t kidding you on this.