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Marshall delivers the Kilburn II portable speaker

Kilburn-IIWhen it comes to chilling out after a particularly difficult day at the office or a stressful home situation, kicking back in your favorite chair alongside soothing tunes is a special combination that will be able to ease even the most frazzled nerves. However, it is not always where you will be able to find an opportunity to do so, which is why having a portable speaker can come in handy at times. Marshall, a company that is noted for its audio offerings over the years, have come up with a portable speaker that might look small in stature, but it packs quite a punch: the all-new Kilburn II.

 The Kilburn II comes across as a device that delivers multi-directional Blumlein stereo sound, where it is guaranteed to immerse you in music, whether you are staying indoors or outdoors, while boasting of Bluetooth Qualcomm aptX. Being able to deliver music wirelessly is one of its greatest strengths, and neither will the party stop anytime soon as the Kilburn II is able to offer up to more than 20 hours of portable playtime on a full charge, without requiring you to be tethered by pesky cables and wires.

The Kilburn II will separate the spatial content of stereo recordings, which further enhances the size while reassembling the signal in a manner that can be projected in all directions. This makes it a totally different experience compared to what other portable speakers on the market offer, as your ears enjoy a rich, multi-directional sound which will immerse you in your music while experiencing a true 360° sound experience. It tips the scales at a mere 3kg, and there is a visual battery indicator located on the top panel that will be able to help you keep track of the speaker’s battery life at a glance.

Expect the Kilburn II to be available for purchase for an asking price of $299 if you are interested.

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