Marchon3D debuts new 3D eyewear collection

The recently concluded IFA 2011 in Berlin, Germany, certainly brought about plenty of excitement what with cool new tablets being introduced. Well, it seems that the stereoscopic 3D action is far from over, and you might even say that it is just starting – as Marchon3D decided to introduce their new 3D eyewear collection in that part of the world. Known as the EX3D glasses, these will arrive in the UK first followed by most of the other European countries sometime this month.

The EX3D collection is said to rely on patented M3D technology from Marchon3D, where it will allow three-dimensional images to be reproduced via curved lenses in high definition glory for your personal enjoyment. This also means that you are able to move around and turn your head freely while wearing the glasses, without experiencing any headache inducing distortion. To top it all off, you will definitely look far from geeky unlike the first generation 3D glasses that you wore in cinemas, as plenty of thought and heart had went into the design of each pair of EX3D glasses. Not only do you enjoy an unprecedented degree of comfort, but also 100% UV protection.


To make sure that there is a little bit of something for everyone, the EX3D collection will comprise of 25 different models that will target kids, ladies as well as men – and it will be compatible with all standard passive 3D technologies. Guess another plus point of relying on passive 3D technologies would be not having to juice up your 3D glasses once you’re done with the show, unlike active shutter models.

Among the other features of the EX3D glasses include curved, patented glasses reproduce 3D images in high resolution and with extremely high contrast and minimize deviations caused by light, distortion and clouding. It is claimed that images at the edge of the glasses are also razor sharp. These glasses will be impact-resistant (to a reasonable degree, but don’t abuse it on purpose and it should serve you well for a long time), where it boasts a special hardened coating that delivers protection against unwanted scratches.

Not only that, those obsessed with certification will be pleased to know that all models in the EX3D collection will be certified according to both RealD and MasterImage. They retail for 25 GBP for glasses with plastic frames, doubling that amount for glasses with metal frames.

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