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Is It a Map or a Projector? It’s Maptor!

I love to travel and explore new places. But I have to tell you, I spent at least half of my trip to Paris finding, and reading the Metro maps. I’m still not sure how I ever made it to where I was going, but it was a great trip nonetheless.

On my next adventure, I’d like to have Maptor with me, it’s a combination map and projector, that can project the appropriate map onto any surface,  your hand, T-shirt, floor or walls.

Maptor has an on-board GPS that provides a “you are here” arrow pointing to your current location, solving at least one major problem for me, as I am quite significantly directionally challenged.

Small and light. Made of environmentally friendly materials and as easy to carry as a penlight, the Bluetooth capable Maptor can download maps without cables and project them almost anywhere with the ability to zoom in or enlarge the entire map.

Only a concept for now, it’s certainly a novel approach to figuring out where you’re going. Much easier for some of us than asking for directions and I’d buy one, if only to save myself from the dreaded map-folding experience.


2 thoughts on “Is It a Map or a Projector? It’s Maptor!”

  1. Lets put this in the “R” room because this application is already out by smartphones and handheld devices also. Lets face it, Android can do everything and this feat is no feat either for a smartphone to direct you in the correct direction.Nobody likes having multiple gadgets that do only one specific thing but rather have one gadget that does it all and that’s what the Android does… Now if it could only cook and drive my drive but give it another 2 years.

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