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Maktar’s Qubii charges the iPhone while performing an auto-backup

Maktar_QubiiWhile technology has advanced by a certain degree in the world of smartphone batteries, this has allowed smartphone manufacturers to cram in more and more features in order to take advantage of the greater battery capacity. All of which leads to the same issue time and again: running out of battery life way faster than one would have liked. A power bank is useful addition for the road warrior, but so is carrying around a charger on your travels. Maktar decided to make life more efficient for iPhone owners by working on the Qubii. The Qubii is a unique iPhone accessory, where it arrives in a small form factor that boasts of a far larger functionality. Specially designed to play nice with an existing Apple 5w power adapter and Lightning to USB cable, it tips the scales at all of just 16 grams.

 With the form factor that is roughly similar to that of a standard campfire-sized marshmallow, the Qubii does not disappoint in terms of functionality. For starters, it performs the dual roles of auto backup while also charging the connected iPhone simultaneously. In other words, Qubii will get to work, saving your memorable experiences on the iPhone, ranging from photos to videos, social media and contact information.

Specially designed to ‘plug and play’ into the readily available Apple 5W USB Power Adapter (it will also be compatible with any other USB charging adapter for that matter), the $49.99 Qubii will enable anyone with an MFi certified Apple Lightning-to-USB cable to carry, use and forget about it in a jiffy. If there is one particular gripe about this, it is the fact that it is so small, you can lose it all too easily as well when traveling. However, for an iPhone accessory of this size with its functionality, there would be few, if any, rivals in the market when it concerns the Qubii.

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