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Makeup Genius – Virtual Reality Mirror for your iPhone


It’s no secret that the beauty business is a multi-billion dollar industry. Who among us has not succumbed to the lure of a nicely packaged cosmetic, hoping it would change how others see us, or perhaps, how we see ourselves. If I could return every disappointing item I ever purchased, I could probably get myself a new car. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could try on some of this makeup before we took out our wallets?

Well, the folks over at L’Oreal USA have turned to technology to give us all a hand. Check out Makeup Genius – a game-changing new iPhone app that uses advanced facial mapping technology to turn your front-facing iPhone or iPad camera into a virtual makeup mirror that let’s you see how you look in certain products, before you buy them. Gone are the days of striping lipstick shades on the back of your hand, or trying out foundation colors inside your wrist.

Based on technology previously only seen in Hollywood and in the gaming industry, Makeup Genius let’s you simply scan a L’Oreal Paris product (or even one of it’s advertisements) and it will detect a color match. Now you can virtually try on individual products or even test out whole looks developed by expert makeup artists, and then you can share with friends and family on Facebook. Your selfies never looked so good! If you’re tired of buying the wrong colors and makeup shades, or just want to have fun with some new, glamorous looks, the Makeup Genius app is for you, and it’s available beginning today, for a free download at The App Store.