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Makeblock reveals Codey Rocky smart robot

codey-rockyWhen it comes to robots, there are quite a number of models that have been released to cater to the consumer at home. These robots are supposed to help consumers have a better life, where some provide a level of companionship for the lonely and aged, while others are a social robot that will be able to adapt in its interaction on a personalized level with different members in the family. Makeblock has come up with something that will certainly make parents happy, in the form of the Codey Rocky smart robot.

This is no ordinary toy robot, as Codey Rocky has the primary function of being a robot that will help the beginner learn how to code as well as pick up the nuances of Artificial Intelligence (AI) along the way. This entry-level robot can be coded and controlled via using the graphical programming app known as mBlock 5 to make things easy, as it arrives with a detachable programming console named Codey while accompanied by an add-on car that is named Rocky which will take Codey around.

Codey Rocky is integrated with graphical programming software, AI and IoT technologies as well as having over 10 programmable electronic modules (built-in LED display, volume and light sensors, speakers, infrared receivers and emitters, and a six-axis gyroscope etc.). Users are also able to code Codey Rocky through the more advanced Python, which happens to be the most popular language in the age of AI on mBlock 5.

Users are able to convert their graphical codes to the Python language using a single click and get started on writing advanced codes when they feel like they are ready for a next level challenge. Codey Rocky is also compatible with LEGO bricks and Makeblock Neuron electronic modules, enabling users to build upon Codey Rocky while unlocking additional AI potential along the way. Portable and extremely easy to use anywhere, there are over 20 learning guides provided in order to get started with graphical programming and Python.

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