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Make your own bubble gum

Bubble Gum Tub
Instead of those old, spherical ice cream makers that end up not even working and on the rare occasion they do work, making some pretty disgusting ice cream, why not grab your child, or maybe yourself, a nice old fashioned bubble gum maker that produces some tasty gum covered in sugar (your teeth will thank you!)

In the tub is everything you need to make all sorts of bubble gum flavors and colors. Sure, the old fashioned pink and sweet is always a safe route to go in the field of gum making, but you could just as well experience the wonders of an orange colored, goo filled, sour piece of gum. Not only can you customize the taste and color to your liking, each piece of gum can also be shaped however you want; pretty much any shape possible can be created, that is, if you have enough gum for it. If your child is a real adventurer, he may even mix and match colors and flavors, concocting something truly nasty, both in look and most likely taste.

At $20 per tub, the Bubble Gum Factory from the Glamma Toys is a nice present for a gum loving child, or any child who likes to make something unusual and experiment while doing it. Getting two tubs might not be a bad idea, as no “refill” packs of bubble gum are sold. Oh, and in case your gum is defective, because it always is, there’s a spectacular two month warranty. Hah!

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  1. i have actuallyused one of these and it works very nicely and makes some darn good bubblegum as a matter of fact!

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