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Major II Bluetooth headphones last quite the distance

Marshall-Major-II-BluetoothWhen it comes to living out the wireless lifestyle, you can more or less say that Bluetooth connectivity happens to be important as well, not quite to the standard of Wi-Fi connectivity, but still, Bluetooth connectivity gets the job done when it comes to getting rid of pesky wires which tend to get all tangled up. Having said that, when it comes to Bluetooth headphones, there are many different models out there in the market to choose from, so much so that the beginner or newcomer might be so frazzled out, he or she makes a bad purchase decision. It all really boils down to what you would like to do with your headphones – bring it with you on trans-Atlantic trips? Or simply just a short hop down a couple of blocks? Regardless, the Major II Bluetooth headphones do seem to cater for all needs, where it boasts of delivering more than 30 hours of play time on a single charge – making it stand above the industry standard.

All that you need to do is to turn it on, tune in and rock out to the custom 40mm dynamic drivers that have been specially tuned for excellent bass response, smooth mids and sizzling highs, ensuring that your ears are treated to an esteemed listening experience. The Major II Bluetooth headphones will hook up to a compatible device via the Bluetooth aptX, where you can then blast your favorite tunes in CD-like audio quality, while aptX also minimizes audio/video syncing issues, letting you view movies without going through the horrible lip sync process. It will boast of a double-ended coil cord with mic & remote that is completely detachable and compatible with any music player that sports a 3.5mm jack. When enjoying your music sans wires, you can use the empty 3.5mm socket to share audio with someone else.

The Major II Bluetooth is perfect when traveling, where the collapsible design will make it a snap to store whenever they are not called to be in action. Expect the Marshall Major II Bluetooth headphones to arrive in the US later this spring for $150 a pop.

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