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Maingear Nomad 15 rides along with Skylake processor

maingear-nomad-15Is it me, or is it simply the season where notebook manufacturers roll out new and updated models of their existing gear in order to keep up with the rest of the industry? Maingear is a name that many of us should be familiar with when it comes to notebooks that are of decent quality and build. Having said that, here we are with a new model that has just rolled hot off Maingear’s production line – the Maingear Nomad 15. The Nomad 15 happens to be the latest gaming notebook from Maingear that will come packed with a slew of of cutting-edge components, where among them will include the likes of Intel’s 6th Generation Core i7 6700k processor, the NVIDIA GTX 980M graphics card, and a 4k G-Sync technology, among others.

All in all, you basically see the Nomad 15 offer the kind of processing power that is normally found on a desktop machine, save for the fact that this one would arrive in a portable chassis. The flagship 15” model will arrive with a full desktop z170 chipset and will be powered by Intel’s Skylake i7 6700k processor, delivering incredible performance that needs to be seen to be believed – at least this is the kind of expectations that Maingear seems to set up. Not only that, the NVIDIA GTX 980M will hum along nicely, offering astounding graphics without screen tearing thanks to an ultra-sharp 4K G-Sync display, and has support for dual Samsung’s 950 Pro NVMe SSD’s in a Raid 0 configuration.

The Nomad 15 is perfect for those who do not want to compromise their gaming experience even when one is fragging away on a notebook, and the customizable backlit keyboard adds to the amount of personalization within. There is also THX TruStudio Pro that delivers ultra-realistic surround sound, premium DDR4 memory, and Killer E2200 network which should offer the fastest connectivity while you are on the move. You can choose from 15” or 17” models, depending on the kind of viewing space you are more comfortable with. Any takers?

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