Maingear gaming systems now powered by Windows 10

maingear-windows10Now that the dust has started to settle where Windows 10 is concerned, perhaps it is time to check out the various computer systems that will carry this particular operating system. Maingear, a name that is familiar with those who would want to enjoy gaming on high end machines, has just announced several gaming systems that run on Windows 10. Among them include the extremely powerful SHIFT, ultra-compact and STEAM-ready DRIFT, alongside lightweight Pulse gaming laptops.

Windows 10 is touted to deliver an amazing user experience through the incorporation of a multitude of cutting-edge features, where among them include DirectX 12 for more immersive visuals. Windows 10 will also arrive outfitted with GameDVR, which so happens to be a user-friendly software that would make recording, editing and sharing gaming videos and footage a snap.

What makes Windows 10 so special? It is the very first operating system that will seamlessly integrate console and PC gaming, allowing gamers to battle in multiplayer games at the same time, never mind of the platform. Windows 10 would also make streaming games from a console to a PC a possibility, which will further enable cross-platform game sharing.

For those who are interested, you will be able to pick up an entire selection of gaming desktops and laptops which are available for customization. Basically, there are many different models to choose from, and since all of them will run on the Windows 10 platform, it really depends on just what kind of environment in which you would like to get your gaming done. Some folks prefer the solid power of a desktop machine, while others prefer the portable option that notebooks can offer. It all boils down to one’s personal preference. All in all, Maingear’s systems are not all that expensive to begin with in the first place, and it would be the ideal area for those new to the gaming scene to kick off their gaming adventures, rather than to build a custom PC gaming system from scratch.

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