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MAINGEAR DRIFT Steam Machine enhances your living room entertainment options

maingear-drift-steamWhen it comes to gaming in the living room, dedicated consoles have certainly seen their fair share of ups and downs. Of course, we can more or less forget about the heydays of the Nintendo Entertainment System, or the NES for short, when it comes to the dedicated video game console, as that 8-bit machine certainly captured the imagination of many a child – and adult back then, all the way until the modern day iteration that is the Nintendo Wii U. Mobile gaming has certainly taken off in a big way these days, which makes perfect sense taking into consideration the kind of mobile lifestyle that we lead. The living room has also a whole lot more competition for the dedicated console, including virtually endless streaming of videos. Well, the MAINGEAR DRIFT Steam Machine might prove to be another worthy addition to the mix.

The MAINGEAR DRIFT Steam Machine is a SteamOS powered gaming PC (as you can tell by its name, of course), where it has been specially designed to deliver 4K gaming capability to just about any location, and this will also include the living room. After all, Full HD is not enough for some of us who want something a whole lot more, and with 4K gaming performance running on a full-sized desktop, this is certainly fly. After all, MAINGEAR’s DRIFT is able to be customized with overclocked Intel’s Extreme Edition Haswell-E or Skylake processors, accompanied by full-sized NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980Ti or Titan X GPUs, and has the ability to carry up to 16GBs of Kingston DDR4 memory. Not only that, the DRIFT will also boast of a trio of hard drive bays which can be outfitted with a pair of Samsung 850 Pro SSDs and a massive 6TB HDD.

The MAINGEAR DRIFT is now ready for customization with MAINGEAR’s true automotive paint finish, where you will be able to pick from just about any color and combination with a starting price point of $1,099.

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