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Maingear delivers new DIY desktop cases

maingear-colormatchWe all want to be unique these days, simply because there are so many different kinds of choices that are out there in the market regardless of the industry. The computing market, for instance, is replete with choices, so much so that picking up a desktop case might require a few days’ worth of research in order to get something that suits your tastes – if you are the fussy type, that is. Maingear has come up with a new set of DIY desktop cases that will certainly push the customization boundaries to a whole new level.

Maingear’s selection of desktop cases will be available with custom automotive finishes, personalized colors combinations, and laser-etched logos, among others. PC enthusiasts will be able to take to these DIY desktop cases just to their liking, where they can also opt to settle for a racecar glossy look, or that of a matte finish that exudes both class and elegance.

Some of the desktop cases which can be picked up through the Maingear DIY program would be the SHIFT, which is touted to be a tower of power that delivers unmatched performance for the most demanding gamers. Alternatively, those who are tight on space at home can settle for the POTENZA, which is the first mini-ITX gaming desktop in the world that comes with full-size performance in a pocket-sized design.

Alternatively, F131 delivers a classic PC look that merges performance, power and affordability in a ultra-customizable form factor, while DRIFT is a consoled sized, STEAM ready PC with devastating power and 4K gaming capability. Looking for a dream gaming system? RUSH fills this niche, where it can handle overclocked speeds and even faster performance. As for FORCE, it sports exhilarating performance and supreme design to deliver the world’s most powerful gaming experience, and last but not least, TORQ lets one enjoy epic performance in an ultra-compact, liquid cooled design.

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