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The Magnetic Wristband is a lifesaver for creators and crafters

The Magnetic Wristband

If you’ve ever tried to sew, do handyman work, or tinker on pretty much anything, there are going to be some metal bits and bobs you’ll need to keep track of. Whether it’s needles, screws, bobby pins, washers, or some other tiny piece, they are integral to keeping everything together. However, until they are in place it’s hard to keep a handful of them on you while you’re working. Even if you have a utility belt with pockets to hold them, tilting at just the right angle might have them spilling onto the floor.

Making several trips back and forth between your box of bits and baubles is equally annoying. We usually find ourselves with a mouthful of pins or a handful of screws, which often ends up with us jabbing or seriously injuring ourselves. If you’d prefer to keep from stabbing yourself but want a handful of screws, pins, or whatever you need on hand, then the Magnetic Wristband will help your cause tremendously.

This uses a rare earth magnet that can keep any metallic object securely in place while you’re toiling away. It comes in blue, gray, red, orange, yellow, and pink, and at only 2.4 ounces, it won’t weigh you down while you work. The Velcro strap will let you secure the wristband in place comfortably, or to a drill or nearby object to be wrapped around for easy access. This will cost you $18, which isn’t too bad considering it will save you from getting poked or stabbed quite a bit.

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