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The Magnetic Sand Hourglass makes an art sculpture every minute

Magnetic Sand Hourglass

How often do you think about the passing of time? Those who are older often think about it all the time as they’ve lived long enough to know how quickly it passes. So much and so little can happen in the same duration of time that it is sometimes difficult to appreciate how amazing that is. Especially when you know how quickly five minutes can pass at a party versus the last five minutes at work.

If you appreciate the awesomeness of time and find yourself in need of a minute timer¬†or just want a cool conversation piece for your desk, look no further than the Magnetic Sand Hourglass. If you aren’t using it with the base, it functions as a normal minute timer. With the magnetic base under it though, the black sand which is actually iron fillings will start to take on a shape. You’re very unlikely to see the same shape twice, since every minute will always be slightly different than the last.

This is a novelty desk toy that would be fun to play with when you need a mental break from work. This only takes up 14 x 8cm of space, and will cost you the paltry sum of $12.95. It’s a small trinket for a simple task, but it looks cool and would certainly make timed jobs more interesting. For those that really enjoy pondering time as a whole, it would also be a good reminder to treasure every minute you have, since each is unique and beautiful.

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