Magnetic levitation ornament

IF 3000 magnetic stand

This will look great on any office desk. It looks like a table lamp but there is a strong magnetic field in the head that will not only support a metallic object, but will keep it rotating too.

 When you place a metallic object in the magnetic field and start it spinning, the IFO 3000 auto detects it and an indicator light comes in the base. As the object begins to stop spinning, the IF 3000 gives it a little shove to keep it turning.

The ornament is 30 cm high, and the globe shown here is 13 cm in diameter, but in principal you could have any ornament made of a ferrous metal, such as a photo frame, clock, or even a model of your favourite car. You can also set the height using a “Spacer Training Aid”, which is actually a wooden block.

The no detail on how it works, but it’s an electromagnet so it must be quite strong. The sensor technology probably uses a Hall Effect silicon chip to keep the object spinning – but who cares: it looks totally cool!

The IF 3000 is available from the Gadget Shop for £70.