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These Magnetic Leaves will plant reminders all over your fridge

Magnetic Leaves

There are countless things we need to keep track of in any given day. Not only do you have the tasks and events of the day at hand, but upcoming work, errands, and planning that also needs doing. Small things like getting more milk, stopping by the bank, and taking out the trash are easy enough tasks, but their level of importance often gets shoved to the back burner of our minds. We keep telling ourselves we’ll get to it eventually, but it usually ends up being a month after the initial thought.

If you wish you had a better method to remind yourself of the little jobs that need doing, you’ll need a creative way to bring it back to the forefront of your gray matter. These Magnetic Leaves are just cute enough that they may pull your eye away from the humdrum of your normal household view. These colorful little leaves can go on your refrigerator, radiator, or any other metal surface.

Paying $25 will get you a set of 15 of these leaves. They come in a variety of colors that are reminiscent of fall and spring, so you can get a boatload of them to decorate accordingly. You can spread them out to make them more noticeable, or place them all in a densely packed area to make a landscape of leaf trees. Just make sure that they don’t cover up your reminder, or you’ll likely forget that it’s there.

Available for purchase on MoMA