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Magnetic Bike Lights help you see in the dark with minimal fuss

magnetic-bike-lightGetting up and around on a bicycle is not only fun, it is also worth getting some exercise in at the same time. The environment, too, will thank you for it as you ensure you do not contribute to the overall carbon footprint as you get up and around on two wheels, ending up with a healthier body at the same time. Having said that, here is the $41 (after conversion) Magnetic Bike Lights that will ensure you need not be afraid of going out at night in your bicycle.

Of course, traveling in low light conditions does not mean we can make the assumption that it is the prerogative of other people to see us, as we too, can do our bit to actually look visible – that is, by wearing light colored clothes, a helmet with reflective strips, the works – bike lights included. Having the Magnetic Bike Lights attached to it would help as well, as Emanuele Pizzolorusso has designed this particularly small LED which will arrive in white for the front fender of the bicycle, and red LEDs for the back, with the choice of letting it shine across a trio of different settings – including a steady beam, or a slow or quick flash, through the simple clicking of the lights. It will remain in place thanks to some mighty magnets, and are easily removable when you reach your destination. A couple of CR2032 batteries are required to power each light, and they boast a run time of up to 40 hours each.