Magnet Powered Spinning Top

Have you watched Inception, and ever wondered at the end where Leonardo DiCaprio’s character’s totem, a spinning top wobbles but you were left wondering whether it fell down in the end to indicate that he is in the real world? Perhaps it didn’t – but that does not mean that he is back in reality and not in a dream, since he could have been using a different form of the Magnet Powered Spinning Top.
Yup, this top is capable of spinning – for up to a week, since that would be just about when the 9V battery dies out, but it would make for a fascinating piece on your work desk. I imagine interviewers placing this on their desk, asking questions to the prospective employees only to see those folks mesmerized by it – a surefire way of discerning whether said person has strong focus (or at least, focuses on the right thing) or not.
The Magnet Powered Spinning Top works as it does thanks to an electromagnet in the base for constant spinning action, and for $9.99 a pop, just leave it on for a week to see if the claim of its battery life is true. If the top doesn’t fall, you might actually be trapped in a dream, no?