Magnet Clock helps you keep track of your day


Everyone has things that they enjoy putting on the fridge.  Be it school pictures or just random funny magnets, we all have our preferences.  Well with this you could even have a clock on your fridge that you can map out your day with.  It doesn’t itemize every little thing, but it does have little stick figure men that will illustrate each task you have ahead of you.  It does so in such a humorous way that even the most obnoxious tasks will give you a little laugh.

I’m not sure what each individual magnet is supposed to mean, but you could always use your own interpretation.  It would appear that some are more than a little odd.  Some are things like yard work and working out, but I would swear one of those looks like a guy hanging himself.  The clock was made by a Argentinean design studio, Designplus.  The down side of that is that you can’t purchase the clock right now, but if it ever did get created it’d be perfect for Perpetual Kid.

Source: LikeCool