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The MAGKEY – no more jingling keys


If you like to slip in and out of situations unnoticed, then pulling out a wad of jingly keys when you’re looking to leave a place will prevent that. It’s not that we mind our keys jingling most of the time, it’s just really loud and obnoxious. Well, if you look at it like that, then yea, I guess we do mind. It’s better to keep your keys organized without having to thumb through them all to find the one you need.

While you can get a fancy system that will keep them in designated slots, you usually have to alter the key in some way. If you’d rather just organize your keys with as little fuss as possible, then the MAGKEY is right for you. They’re press and stick magnets that are less than 1mm thick, and will snap your keys together as soon as you pick them up.

It is exactly as easy as it sounds, and the magnets will stick to just about any kind of key that’s out there. You put the positive side on one side of the key, and the negative on the other. This method will allow you to easily see the differences in profile and shape to know which key you need without having to fumble through anything. Paying only $12 will get you a set of four, or you can pay $3 more to get double that amount. There are a bunch of extra accessories for tactical or leather keychains, but the magnets are the main draw.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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