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magicMOUNT Vent helps to keep your smartphone nice and cool

magicmountThere are many different kinds of mounts that are available in the market today, and the XSORIES U-Float silicone mount is one of them, but how many of those mounts will be able to make sure that your smartphone will remain nice and cool while you are using it? I am quite sure that you would have experienced the way your handset heats up during one of those sunny days when you are using it with the GPS turned on, waiting for the next turn-by-turn direction to arrive at the intended destination. There are some mounts that rely your smartphone to be placed in front of the car’s air-cond vent – but how many work in the same way as the $24.99 magicMOUNT Vent.

The magicMOUNT Vent is a mount that fits right into your vehicle’s vent, where you can choose to hide or stick a MagicPlate in or on your electronics. From there, you can magnetically mount your device just about anywhere, now how about that for versatility? It surely beats some of the other car mounts that are in the market, where you do all that is necessary to get them positioned just right, before breaking a sweat to ensure that your handset is in and out of the cradle. The magicMOUNT Vent puts all of that hassle to an end now, where all you need to do is to hover your device near the cradle-free magnetic surface, and it will instantly lock securely in place.