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Magical Unicorn Umbrella might just help you make new friends

magical-unicorn-umbrellaI don’t suppose that we get an umbrella for the style factor – no sir. After all, umbrellas are meant to keep us nice and dry from the rain, as well as providing some much needed shade from the sun as and when required. The thing is, we do not really put all that much thought into umbrellas than we might want to if our imagination were to run wild. Well, here is a unique umbrella that will not only help protect you from the elements, it will also be a surefire way to start a conversation among strangers – the £19.99 Magical Unicorn Umbrella.

This “enchanted” umbrella will come with a fake ivory handle that is embellished with a unicorn bust, and it will be accompanied by a polished golden horn tip to boot. The large parasol will also arrive lavished with a rainbow of pastel colors, and it is a surefire magnet for stares and conversations – bonus points if you are a looker yourself. Not only that, bringing this around might actually kick start a slew of unicorn sightings in the vicinity. Nice to know it will arrive with a handy sheath for easy storage when you are not using it.

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