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Magical Six Camera for Kids helps awaken the creative giant within

magical-6camSo, you are on a quest with your mate to discover the aptitude of your little one, wondering whether he or she is going to grow up to be an engineer or a doctor down the road, of if he or she happens to have the tendency to mouth off, then how about the role of a lawyer? Having said that, there are many different ways to try to figure out just what your child might be prone to enjoy doing down the road, and giving them toys that explore such possibilities is a start. Case in point, the $146 Magical Six Camera for Kids.

The Magical Six Camera for Kids is a mini film creative toy for the little ones, where it allows your toddler to snap six-second Vine-style mini videos – not to mention being able to edit them right there on the spot, on the video camera itself. Takara Tomy is the one behind this user friendly camera, where all that is required is a little bit of creativity – which children never run short of, and a quartet of AAA batteries to keep it going. You will also have the unique option of adding the likes of background music and decoration (manga-style frames, shapes, letters), adjust color filters, reverse the film, and even edit a film together from multiple stills. Just in case the 16MB of internal memory is not enough, there is always the microSD memory card slot to fill up.

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