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The Magic Tap will save your kitchen from spills

The Magic Tap

If you have a household full of kids, people with weak wrists, or the elderly who just don’t have the strength to lift a jug of milk or massive bottle of juice, you’re going to need to find ways to accommodate them. You can either portion out perfectly-sized cups for everyone in your home, pour every glass yourself, or you can buy a gizmo to take the work out of it. Ideally we would have Codsworth from Fallout 4 do it for us, but we’re not that technologically advanced…yet.

Instead of a robot, The Magic Tap can take its place. This is a system that you can put into any larger liquid container and pump out your drink without having to pick up and pour the whole thing. You only need to take the bottle cap off, submerge the pump in the liquid, and touch the trigger to start the flow. It is powered by two AA batteries in the top, and uses a rubber seal to keep the contents fresh.

While this is certainly cheap at only around $6.50 for the system, the batteries will add to the overall cost, and this is not going to be a walk in the park to clean. This is especially the case if you’re wanting to use this for milk as any remains will make the whole thing smell sour. If you’re up for the challenge of washing this though, it would be a great way to let little ones pour their own drink or get milk for their cereal.

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