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Magic Potion Lamp lets you pretend you’re a wizard

magic-potion-lampHaving a lamp lying around in the house at strategic places is always a good thing – after all, you can never quite tell just when you would need that particular place or area to be illuminated. Even better yet is if this particular lamp is flexible enough to light up in various colors, and the £34.99 Magic Potion Lamp would fit the bill perfectly as it can change the colors in which it illuminates the surrounding area, and all with a simple tap on the bottle itself (which has been shaped to resemble a generic magic potion bottle, of course).

As for whether you will need to utter some words to invoke the magic of changing colors, that would be entirely optional and up to you. This is basically a touch activated lamp that will flick between red, green, yellow, and blue shades with but a simple tap the top of the bottle. It will be able to fade slowly through this glorious spectrum if you so desire, making sure that there is always a fresh look around all the time.