Magic Mushrooms for your magical garden

Hippy, hippy, quite so trippy. How does your garden grow? You can’t help but think of nursery rhymes when the image of magical mushrooms and gardens are filling your head. Today seems like the day of mushroom mania. Earlier today we wrote about a Mushroom Desk Cleaner. While that product is not nearly as fun to mix into rhyming prose of happiness, it’s mushroom themed nevertheless.

And now we’ve found a truly psychedelic product. An integration of mushrooms which many of you might be much more familiar with. The Magic Mushrooms are solar powered LED lit lawn ornaments made to cast some light on your garden at night.

Each of the mushrooms automatically illuminates in the darkness, alternating through a collection of trippy ambient colors. All you have to do is leave the shroom lights in an area of your lawn which will receive an ample amount of sunlight. Once fully charged the mushrooms provide 8 hours of light.

The Magic Mushroom Solar Lights come shipped in packs of 4. We’ve done some surfing and found a online store where you can grab a pack for only £28.49 plus a low shipping fee. If you’re trying to prove to your neighbors that your lawn really is more magical than theirs, the Magic Mushrooms could help drive the point home.

Product Page via Hippyshopper

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