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Magic Monkey Music Speakers

Want to get a pair of speakers that resemble your personality as the regular office joker who tends to make a monkey out of yourself? The £29.99 Magic Monkey Music Speakers could very well do the trick, considering this jovial looking chap will dance along with whatever tunes you decide to feed it, even if it is the Barney & Friends theme song. Of course, plugging in your device to the Magic Monkey Music Speakers is not a problem, since it is done through his lower back unobtrusively, letting out your tunes via his chunky headphone speakers. Regardless of the musical genre you decide on, he is more than willing to take up the case and groove to the beat without missing a step. Quieter and slower passages will quieten this primate down by quite a bit, resulting in very little movement. If you can’t have him tethered to a USB port and decide to make him portable, just make sure you have a trio of AA batteries on hand to provide enough juice – this monkey needs no bananas, that’s for sure. Concealed flaps in strategically located areas will let you find the relevant battery compartments and on-off switch.